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Bioscience Hypotheses

An Elsevier journal (until the end of 2009)

It is with great regret that I must announce the closure of Bioscience Hypotheses. For reasons beyond our control, the Nov/Dec issue (v2, number 6) will be the last issue to be published.

Bioscience Htpotheses was a very new Journal (our first issue appeared in April 2008). Nevertheless, we were showing signs of success, both as judged by the quantity and quality of submissions, by downloads of papers from Elsevier's web site, and by press coverage (good and bad - I take the angry insults of the more conservative career scientists as being a sign that we were doing something right). Unfortunately, a policy review at Elsevier has meant that the title has to be closed. For more information, please contact Tanya Wheatley at Elsevier.

My sincere regrets do not compensate authors who put their efforts and ideas into Bioscience Hypotheses only to see it fail. My hope is that the scientific community learns from this.

For reference, the old Bioscience Hypotheses web site, with editorial policies, editorials and other material, is included here. But do not send us any more papers. Sorry.